On page SEO is one of the most important ranking factor for making your page to appear for the clients who are actually looking for  your products or services on the Internet. It is very important that the page that you design is upto the SEO standards as well as user frindly and easy to understad for the users.

The page design text and elements must be kept equally aligned to the standards of search engines as well as the target customers who are lloking for your product or Service.

Here are few factors to watch for on page SEO.

The text on the page

The copy or the text description, heading, images description and overall fonts which appear on the pages are combinly called content of the page. While it is important to feed key words users type when they look for your product it is also important that the words which you write must also appeal to the customer to contact you or click the order button. You must add keywords  and combine it with sentences words and information that the produces trust, complete details of what you are sellling.

What are the benifits of Good content?

If your content is well written and is trust worthy people will want to read thus it will create a demand:

What ever your contect is a piece of text, an image, a video or infographic, it must show trust Authority. You can also describe a thing and mention a trust worthy souce to support you point. If it is an image it must be orignal and as Just like the world’s markets, information is affected by supply and demand. The best content is that which does the best job of supplying the largest demand. It might take the form of an XKCD comic that is supplying nerd jokes to a large group of technologists or it might be a Wikipedia article that explains to the world the definition of Web 2.0. It can be a video, an image, a sound, or text, but it must supply a demand in order to be considered good content.

Good content is linkable:

From an SEO perspective, there is no difference between the best and worst content on the Internet if it is not linkable. If people can’t link to it, search engines will be very unlikely to rank it, and as a result the content won’t drive traffic to the given website. Unfortunately, this happens a lot more often than one might think. A few examples of this include: AJAX-powered image slide shows, content only accessible after logging in, and content that can’t be reproduced or shared. Content that doesn’t supply a demand or is not linkable is bad in the eyes of the search engines—and most likely some people, too.