How To Earn From You Tube

If you want to earn millions of dollars in every month, then You Tube is your perfect choice. You Tube is one of the most popular video sharing sties in the world. The site allows its users to upload, share and view videos. Available contents in YouTube are TV clips, video clips or short original videos, music videos, video blogging or educational videos. Most of the contents have been uploaded by individual, but some media houses like BBC, CBS, Vevo and other organizations shares some of their content/videos via You Tube. If you be a registered member, then you may upload videos and by maintaining some guidelines you may also some money. To earn from You Tube, you have to follow these simple steps-
Set up your You Tube channel: Your channel is nothing but your personal presence on the You Tube. When you create a You Tube account, you will find one channel attached with this account. To set up a You Tube channel follow these steps-
• Create your account and add keywords to help people to find your channel. You can do this by navigating the ‘Advanced section’ of You Tube Channel Settings. Remember that your keywords must be relevant to your content.
• Your keyword must be short and original so that everyone can easily remember your channel.

Add content: Upload high quality content but remember it should not be very long. Upload videos on regular basis and try too make each video better than that of the previous one. Try to improve video quality by using better editing software or by using better camera. By uploading videos on regular basis you can help hold more audiences. If you add content on regular basis, people will show interest to subscribe your channel. Use tags of your videos with key words which describe the content and also writes an eye-catching description. These will help your channel to drive people to your channel.

Gain an audience or subscribers: When your channel drives more audience number of views of ads will increase and it will help you to earn more money. Building an audience will lead to increase your monetization. If your content is good enough, your subscribers’ base will goes on increasing. To get more audience share your videos with Twitter and Facebook. Respond viewers’ comments because it will help you to create a community.

Monetize your videos: You can earn money only when you will be enabling to monetize your channel. Monetization means you are allowing your channel to place ads and this also means that you have acknowledged that your video is not copyrighted. By using monetization tab you can monetize your channel. When you monetize your video, you will find a dollar sign next to your video.

Setup Google AdSense: You can now setup Google AdSense from AdSense website. You need a PayPal or a bank account and also a valid mailing address when applying for Assense. You will gain money through per ad click and only smaller amount per view. Check for analytics to verify your performance level.

Market your videos elsewhere: To increase your views marketing is necessary. Make a website or blog and post your videos, share the links on the internet. With all these you will be able to increase your viewers.

Become a YouTube partner: YouTube Partners means you are a member of YouTube. At any time you will apply for YouTube partnership through YouTube Partner page.

When you follow these steps, you can easily earn more money from your YouTube Channel.