Enom increasing prices for the domain names for resellers

One of the most popular and reliable company for domain names has finally decided to hit in its feet. The company has sent emails to the clients that it will change its pricing stucture and will increase the prices for US$ 8.50 to 13.48 per domain

They have said in their email

“After numerous conversations with our resellers, we’ve come to understand that Enom’s existing reseller pricing plans could use some streamlining and simplification.

We spent the last 90 days analyzing how you and your customers buy, what they pay, and how we can help you drive better profitability. As a result, we are dropping some extension prices, raising others, and discounting a domain add-on that can boost your bottom line.

These changes will go into effect automatically requiring no additional action on your part.”

This move of the company in my opinion is going to be a desaster for it. It seems the company has hit its highest lever in its lifecycle and and wishes to plunge downwards. The sharp increase in prices will force resellers to move their domains to other cheaper resellers like reseller club etc. Our rate with them is 8.5 dollars and now they will convert it to Silver and new rate is 13.48 this means I will need to charge clients 15 some dollars per year for the .com domain. This will make it impossible to sell domains in a market where companies like 1and1 anad godaddy offer 2 to 8.5 dollars per domain per year.

In case if you need an alternative account for your domains which is comparable to old enom prices please email us at oanhwar @ gmail.com

According to enom the change in prices will take effect on 15, 2016, prices on TLDs such as .com, .net and .org will increase,

Here is the new pricing slabs for different extensions for the enom re-sellers.


New Pricing
Platinum $9.98 $11.98 $11.48 $11.98 $11.48
Gold $11.48 $13.98 $12.98 $13.48 $12.98
Silver $13.48 $15.98 $14.98 $15.48 $14.98

As noted above, we’re also lowering prices on many ccTLDs and new generic TLDs. These extensions are set at a base price and aren’t affected by your pricing tier:

TLD New Price TLD New Price TLD New Price TLD New Price
.IT $14.95 .IN $14.95 .ORG.TW $24.95 .NET.NZ $34.95
.JP $54.95 .TW $24.95 .GS $39.95 .ORG.NZ $34.95
.BE $7.95 .COM.TW $24.95 .MS $39.95 .COM.MX $49.95
.AT $18.95 .IDV.TW $24.95 .DE.COM $24.95


TLD New Price TLD New Price TLD New Price TLD New Price
.ACTOR $27.50 .ENGINEER $22.00 .MORTGAGE $33.00 .VET $22.00
.AIRFORCE $22.00 .FORSALE $22.00 .NAVY $22.00 .RIP $13.20
.ARMY $22.00 .FUTBOL $8.80 .NINJA $13.20 .BAND $16.50
.ATTORNEY $27.50 .GIVES $22.00 .PUB $22.00 .SALE $22.00
.AUCTION $22.00 .HAUS $22.00 .REHAB $22.00 .VIDEO $16.50
.CONSULTING $22.00 .IMMOBILIEN $22.00 .REPUBLICAN $22.00 .NEWS $16.50
.DANCE $16.50 .KAUFEN $22.00 .REVIEWS $16.50 .LIVE $16.50
.DEGREE $33.00 .LAWYER $27.50 .ROCKS $8.80 .STUDIO $16.50
.DEMOCRAT $22.00 .MARKET $22.00 .SOCIAL $22.00 .FAMILY $16.50
.DENTIST $27.50 .MODA $22.00 .SOFTWARE $22.00