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Most Important SEO Factors For a Good Website

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If you have your own website, you must want to get more and more visitors for your website and must fight for getting top rank in search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN. When you get more and more visitors, your earning from the website will also goes on increasing. But there are certain crucial techniques by which you can place your website at high in search engine result pages. If you are aware of these factors, your website will play a crucial role in SEO world. To help every website owner, here are some important and most influential SEO factors that will build a successful presence in the search engine result pages. When you put them into your website, you will find a dramatic improvement in Google rankings.

USE KEYWORD ANYWHERE IN YOUR TITLE TAG: Keyword research is one of the crucial factors in search engine ranking. So, start with a good keyword research. Each page must have a unique title tag which describes what the page is exactly about. The title tag of the website must be easy to read and must be well written to bring more traffic. The keyword must be placed into the title tag, so that the readers can easily understand what the web page is about, but keyword should not be keyword stuff. If your website is for your local customer, then must include locality in your title tag. Concentrate on keyword that will help you for good ranking is google search engine and try to place this keyword at the beginning of the title tag.
USE KEYWORD FOCUSED ANCHOR TEST FROM EXTERNAL LINKS: Inbound links are crucial from other domains. These inbound links with your keyword as an anchor text are much better. They have great importance in SEO.
EXTERNAL LINKS RELEVANCY: Quantity as well as quality of the external links matter greatly. Links work as a vote and more links mean more votes, more links otherwise mean your page will get more popularity in Google ranking. Three relevant links from most popular websites is much better than 40 links from unrelated low-ranked sites.
UNIQUE AND FRESH CONTENT: Content is the king for all websites. If your content is good enough, this will read by more and more readers, this means that you are achieving more and more traffics. More traffic means your website is ranking good in search engine. Duplicate content lowers your web page rank. For good ranking in search engine add content on regular basis. Search engine works as a hungry children and hunger for good and fresh content with ample of information. So, add fresh and information rich content and by adding of viral aspect and plenty of best quality incoming links and you will get yourself an authoritative page and must rank well.
USE KEYWORD IN DOMAIN NAME: Add your keyword in your domain name which will give you a great SEO rank and ease your competition. New content for a domain which already has a strong presence in internet must value more by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

USE KEYWORD IN THE BODY TEXT: Use keyword 2-5% in your article and this repetition of keyword(s) throughout the content tells Google about the page and how relevant is the keyword for a particular search term, but do not overdo it. For good impression of the content bold the keyword(s).

Other important factors which help a website in good ranking are-
• Diversity of your link sources;
• Use keyword in H1 header tag;
• For internal links keyword in the anchor text;
• Use keyword in the page URL;
• Existence of the Meta description tag etc.

How SEO will be benefited from the strong relation between CX, UX and SEO

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Are you a SEO expert? Working in an agency or like to work in-house! Then you are suppose to working with people who mainly focused on CX (customer experience) or UX (user experience). In future, the role of CX, UX and SEO will increase to fulfill the growing demand of them. CX, UX and SEO can be defined in three ways like-

• Customer Experience: It focuses mainly on business goal and emphasizes on both online and offline entire customer journey.

• User Experience: This experience mainly focuses on user goals and emphasizes on the digital journey of the customers upon their arrival to your own website or digital experience.

• Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization combines business goals as well as user goals and emphasizes on the digital journey of the customers before and after their arrival to your website.

A SEO expert achieves great benefits from the best understanding of the role and motivation of CX and UX partners he/she works on regular basis.

Role of CX in driving traffics: When you understand what makes CX counterpart tick, you must gain an opportunity to become more successful to drive perfect and potential customers to your website. CX mainly concerned with all business goals and ensure that the customer must achieve them. You will obviously find a business-driven motivation that drives your CX counterpart when selling more of a special type of high dollar products or the increase number of positive review for a particular type of product that the companies have produced. CX helps a SEO to determine how to focus your business efforts, new opportunity and unique solution. By understanding the business goals of CX, you can easily understand what to tackle and how to do that.

Role of UX in driving traffics: When you understand the main driving factors of your UX teammates, you can help ensure the potential customers you drive to your digital platforms have a pleasant experience. UX is mainly concerned with the users experience on the site and how they are able to find the information which is important to accomplish vital tasks. An UX professional leans on real users data by means of qualitative methods like user tests or focus groups. To make an expert decision and works like an UX expert, the UX partners apply a special type of matrix and using this matrix, you can make excellent changes in on-page elements of SEO strategies. Understanding things like scroll depth data or heat map help to prioritize that what type of contents or on-page elements are indeed very important to users. Qualitative data (like user tests) helps to decide how content or navigation should be structured to prevent users from their poor experience. If you be able to provide users with more positive experience, then you will certainly be able to reap the benefits of search engines.

Lastly, the more knowledge you will get about this system, the better will be your SEO and you will be able to drive more traffic that helps your webpage to rank better.

Why YouTube Is The Best For Online Earning

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With the advancement of internet people finds many routes of earning from online. When you search for internet, you will find dozens of ways of earning like earning from blogging, earn from YouTube, earning from eBook revenues etc. But earning from YouTube will give you different path. This is the most lucrative and charming in this moment.
YouTube Earning is the first online money option: It certainly becomes an actual dilemma when people choose to make online money as his basic source of income. Almost all of them accept blogging as their primary option and try for it. They choose this trend because they are lured by real high CPC values of Keywords used in blogging. Then why not try this YouTube? YouTube is certainly a simple option to earn a lot of money online and this is true that YouTube sometimes can give you more than that of blogging, you are using to earn money. And this is really true in the first phase of your stride in the world of online earning. Now check what is the potential and benefits you may get from YouTube.
No need for domain and hosting money: One of the biggest advantages of earning money from YouTube is that it requires no money to buy any domain or hosting. Then without spending single money, you can earn from your YouTube channel. Your channel name reflects your presence in YouTube. After monetizing your channel, you can upload your videos. When you upload videos visitors/ viewers will see these videos. YouTube never demands a single penny to upload videos and without spending any money, you may able to earn money. After monetization when you upload videos, You Tube will place Ads on each and every video. Revenue that YouTube will earn, will share with you as percentage basis.

You can earn money from the very first day on YouTube: One of the most interesting things about YouTube is that, from this channel you can earn money from the very first day by uploading videos. You can simply create a YouTube account and start uploading videos. Remember that your videos will not violate terms and conditions of YouTube and AdSense. Your videos may be on travel, or may be on education related or anything else. When your videos view will go on increasing you will be able to earn money. More view means more money. Viewers are sometimes may be your subscribers. When your subscriber level goes on increasing, your income level will also increase.

AdSense Approval for YouTube earing is necessary: Adsense approval is very important for earning money from YouTube because google Adsense will pay you for ads that are running in your YouTube channel. But one thing you must remember that if you apply for Adsense approval it will take more than 6 months to get. However, it is quite simple when you apply through YouTube. You can also add your blog/website to this account; once when you think you have fulfilled all criteria to achieve approval from this site. So, just spending no money, you can earn sufficient amount of money from YouTube.

How To Earn From You Tube

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If you want to earn millions of dollars in every month, then You Tube is your perfect choice. You Tube is one of the most popular video sharing sties in the world. The site allows its users to upload, share and view videos. Available contents in YouTube are TV clips, video clips or short original videos, music videos, video blogging or educational videos. Most of the contents have been uploaded by individual, but some media houses like BBC, CBS, Vevo and other organizations shares some of their content/videos via You Tube. If you be a registered member, then you may upload videos and by maintaining some guidelines you may also some money. To earn from You Tube, you have to follow these simple steps-
Set up your You Tube channel: Your channel is nothing but your personal presence on the You Tube. When you create a You Tube account, you will find one channel attached with this account. To set up a You Tube channel follow these steps-
• Create your account and add keywords to help people to find your channel. You can do this by navigating the ‘Advanced section’ of You Tube Channel Settings. Remember that your keywords must be relevant to your content.
• Your keyword must be short and original so that everyone can easily remember your channel.

Add content: Upload high quality content but remember it should not be very long. Upload videos on regular basis and try too make each video better than that of the previous one. Try to improve video quality by using better editing software or by using better camera. By uploading videos on regular basis you can help hold more audiences. If you add content on regular basis, people will show interest to subscribe your channel. Use tags of your videos with key words which describe the content and also writes an eye-catching description. These will help your channel to drive people to your channel.

Gain an audience or subscribers: When your channel drives more audience number of views of ads will increase and it will help you to earn more money. Building an audience will lead to increase your monetization. If your content is good enough, your subscribers’ base will goes on increasing. To get more audience share your videos with Twitter and Facebook. Respond viewers’ comments because it will help you to create a community.

Monetize your videos: You can earn money only when you will be enabling to monetize your channel. Monetization means you are allowing your channel to place ads and this also means that you have acknowledged that your video is not copyrighted. By using monetization tab you can monetize your channel. When you monetize your video, you will find a dollar sign next to your video.

Setup Google AdSense: You can now setup Google AdSense from AdSense website. You need a PayPal or a bank account and also a valid mailing address when applying for Assense. You will gain money through per ad click and only smaller amount per view. Check for analytics to verify your performance level.

Market your videos elsewhere: To increase your views marketing is necessary. Make a website or blog and post your videos, share the links on the internet. With all these you will be able to increase your viewers.

Become a YouTube partner: YouTube Partners means you are a member of YouTube. At any time you will apply for YouTube partnership through YouTube Partner page.

When you follow these steps, you can easily earn more money from your YouTube Channel.

How to be rich from internet

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Do you want to earn some extra amount of money and also want to change your life style? Do you think how it is possible? If you want to earn extra amount of money without disturbing your regular routine, then internet is the best route for you. In this advanced technology based world, internet is one of the main ways of development. There is no way to move ahead without the use of internet. Internet is not a source of communicating with others; it is the source of earning too. The main source of income comes from is outsourcing. You can do everything with internet. If you have sufficient amount of professional skills, then you are the right person for earning from internet. But, don’t frustrate if you do not have professional skill. With your little knowledge in internet, you may earn handsome amount of money.

Ways of earning money: There are many ways of earning from internet like writing content or blog or content, building a website, doing online freelancing job, building software, making apps. If you are not comfortable with these jobs, then go through this article. Here, you will find many ways of earning from internet. This article is designed with many clues about how to earn money with internet. Working with internet is as simple as water. No excellent writing skills, no advance knowledge, and no PHD is required for this purpose. Just share your thoughts with internet and earn money.

Earn from internet with less qualification: Here are some ways of internet earning that require less qualification-
Paid Surveys: There are so many big brands in the market that would wish to hear your decision about their products. They are ready to pay for your valuable decision or valuable information. There are many paid survey site that work as an agent that help you by communicating letting with companies by sharing your opinion through online surveys. These companies always welcome your positive or negative opinion and pay for that opinion. Just share your opinion and earn money. But never underestimate your opinion; be serious about your opinion.
PTC Work: PTC is also another way of online earning. With your little knowledge about internet you can easily do this type of work. PTC means paid to click. The name shows if you click, you will be paid. When you open this type of website, you will find many advertisements about many companies. When you click these advertisements, means you have seen their advertisements and for that they will pay you.
AD Posting Work: If you want to earn money by doing simple work with your little computer knowledge, then AD Posting is perfect for you. This is as simple as PTC work. In case of Ad Posting jobs you to post advertisements on some free classified websites. The main purpose of job is to promote companies products through online and their websites. If you know how to surf internet quickly and able to do copy & paste of text matter, then you are the right candidate for this job. This AD posting job is a great idea for you if you wish to earn some money from internet. This AD posting job is a reliable job through you can you may make a carrier of your own. This type of work is mainly project basis and from each project you may earn $2-$5 per project. This type of work follows various kinds of payment methods like PayPal or direct bank transfer or check. You may earn your payment once or twice a month.
Website Content writing or blog writing job: Content is the king of any website. A website becomes attractive when its content is attractive. There are plenty of content writing works are available in internet. A website content writer is a person who specializes in writing relevant content for websites. You have to write content in such a way that attracts and retain readers on a website. Content written for a website must concentrate on a particular topic. You must write content in such a way that it should be easy to read and offer information that is easy to understand. There are many clients who provide content writing jobs on regular basis. By writing content you may earn good amount of money in every month. You can get your payment through online transfer by Paypal. Writing may be of different types like article writing, web content writing, product review writing, academic content writing, essay writing, press release writing etc.
Earn from YouTube: You may also earn money with You Tube too. Earning thousands of dollars from You Tube is not a story at all. If you have strong subscriber base, you may earn a lot of money from here. If you upload videos or photos and monetize them, you may expect a regular earning from YouTube.
Forum posting job: Posting a forum is also a great way of earning money online. There are many forum posting websites, where by posting forum you may earn money. Forum posting is an important stance to boost up SEO efforts. Forum posting in right way can drive massive traffic for a website. So, by posting forum, you may earn a handsome amount of money.
Earn money by Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is an online advertising process that allows an online based business to affiliate themselves with web site through affiliate programs. Affiliates help to make money by generating sales or leads or traffic for the Merchants business. A merchant is a person who sells goods and services online. By affiliate programming you may also earn money from online.
Apart from all these online income system, there are also other ways too from where you can also earn money. Some of these are- income from google adsense, income from reading e mail, buy selling domain, by selling photos, by doing micro jobs, by CPA advertising.
There are also many such works like AD posting, viewing of videos etc that also pay you for proper work. So, try these works and money online.