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11 Best wordpress Tutorial Sites for wordpress Enthusiast

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It has been more than two years of my Blogging Life and i am using WordPress since last 16 Months. During this period i have seen many tutorial blogs about WordPress, Some are Great and Some are Greater. But for my visitors today i want to share what are the blogs i liked about. I have created a list of 11 best WordPress Tutorial Blogs. These blog are not the actual substitute of wordpress documentation.


Digital Inspiration – Technology Blog

Labnol is one of the most popular Blog from India about Technology, Internet and WordPress. Amit Agrwal is the founder of Labnol. He is a personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, one of the most widely read how-to blogs in the world. His blog got millions of clicks every month.

2. – Daily recipes to cook with WordPress

Wprecipes has a huge collection of wordpress tips and is updated frequently. It gives a lot of advice to help you customize and hack your existing wordpress theme to its full potential.


Web development tutorials, from beginner to advanced – Nettuts

With the Tutsplus Network, they have a section dedicated to WordPress Tutorials. As always, Envato and the network always offer innovative and unique tutorials that will make it easy to make your WordPress blog that much better.


How to Blog- ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud is one of my favorite Blog about WordPress Tips and Tricks. It owns by Harsh Agrawal. ShoutMeLoud has huge collection of WordPress Tips and Tricks, Theme Customization Tips, Adsense Tips and much more.


Hongkiat offers a lot of WordPress tutorial articles, and showcases many amazing wordpress themes to download.


Digging into WordPress is a great wordpress blog by Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr, that offers its premium tutorial in a form of book, and also has a tutorial section that will definitely be informational and helpful to readers.


Best 10 Web Hosting Sites by – Free WordPress Themes and reviews of Top Web Hosts

Wpdesigner is a great resource for those who want to design their own WordPress theme. Here is an example of one of their most helpful posts for me when I wanted to experience designing my own WordPress theme.


Speckyboy Design Magazine – Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design Resources

Speckyboy is a design magazine that has a section dedicated to WordPress also. Some of the tutorials are very useful in finding a great wordpress theme.


Smashing Magazine

SmashingMagazine is one of my favorite place to find quality themes , and also checking out their Smashing Netowrk on the latest WordPress articles they have to offer.


WordPress News, Hacks, Tips, Tutorials, Plugins and Themes – WP Engineer

WpEngineer is a developer’s resource with WordPress Tutorials that help Theme Develops and coders to implement more features into their themes. This is a whole blog dedicated to WordPress, not just a section, so you can be sure to find articles that will help you on everything for adding a metabox, to optimizing your coding. Its one of my favorite also.


WPBeginner – Beginner’s Guide for WordPress

WPBeginner is a free WordPress resource site owned by Awesome Motive Inc. Founded in July 2009 by Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner has come a long way since. With more than million page views, WPBeginner has one of the most engaged communities in our industry. The main goal of this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other resources for WordPress beginners, so they can improve their WordPress sites.


This list is not complete, Though I like these blog/site very much. It may be possible for you to come across some more interesting blog. Do not hesitate to share your idea with us.

How to write great paid review for your reader

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It is always said the more you post paid review the more your blog will receive negative growth, so how to write paid review without harming your own growth.


Blogging is all about passion, and “money is a great motivator” When people try to explore your passion for money. It became paid review.

Even, wikipedia and wikileaks can not survive without money. They also have some fund raising programs. Now the problem is, You also want to raise some money for your passion without stunting your growth.

Here is my Guide for how to write paid review that Looks like your own version of that site/blog.

Introduce the website :

“James! James Bond” this is the famous dialog of most charming super secret service agent of MI-5 – James Bond. Did you notice how does he introduce himself

Introduce your reader about the website in the same way, its purpose and your overall impression about the website whether it is effective to solve its purpose. Explain what it is just trying to provide, how much according to you it is successful in its effort. What are the actual benefits of using this site/blog for your readers.

Review the design.


Check out these two pictures and Kindly tell me which one of these two person will you prefer if you have to take financial advice for yourself.

Believe me both of them are the same person. It is only the makeup that change your total perspective about the second one.

Design of the website is the first thing people generally notice when ever they open any website. Whether the website has the correct combination of the color scheme? Does that color scheme really works for you? How easy it was for you to navigate that site. Share your frank opinion on how design and navigation really work for you and how that will effect your readers.

Did you find any thing exceptional that bother you, Do not hesitate to note down and inform.

Focus of the site.

“Failing to Plan means Planning to fail”. What does it mean to you and probably for your readers here in this paid review post? You might be little bit confused. Allow me to clear this point, for this point check out these two pictures below


Smartphone Reviews – Google Android update – Apple iPhone update – Latest Gadgets Review – Tips & Tweaks – – TECHZEK

The focus of a website is the site’s intent. It means the owner has clearly planned the intent or purpose of the website? Do you think how your first time reader will easily discover what the website is trying to accomplish? If the website is advertising a product, is it clear and appealing? Would you purchase a product from the website? if yes then only advice to your readers.

Fundamentals of the site.

The fundamentals are the basic operation of the website. Does the hyperlink work properly or the site has misleading anchor text? Is the navigation of your to be reviewed site is proper and your probable reader will be able to understandable it easily? Large websites normally have “site map” for the readers to easily see the navigation scheme. Does website support breadcrumb? can help you a lot to check the broken links of any site. initially it comes with 15 days trial

Content is the “meat and potatoes” of the website.

Content is not king it is meat and potatoes of the site, whether it is relevant to the purpose of the site? Is it well written?Act as a reader of that website and try to find out how much pertinent to the title and theme of the website. Do not read only content on the front page, try to read several pages of that site and try to check whether published content written professionally?

Published items on the site should be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes , if you notice any thing like this do not hesitate to inform.

Evaluate the website for its overall effectiveness.

put yourself in place of your reader and try to answer these simple questions. These questions are very crucial to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the website

Does the website easily accomplish your reason for visiting the website?
Does the website has the information or product you were searching for easy to find?
Does the information available on the website is up to date and accurate?
Does the website tried to establish a relationship with you.
Does the website have multiple author?
Most websites will have an “About Us” page or other page that introduces the company/blogger, its qualifications and writer’s profiles. Is the website written by one or multiple authors? With as much information that is available on the Internet, it is important to understand whether the website is accurate and that the writers are qualified to write about the content displayed. Can you easily discover whether they are qualified to write about the website’s purpose? Writers should have their own byline or profile page.

Beyond the basics.

Did you ever check who is reading your article? This is the most common mistake by the beginners.

if you are not sure check out using this simple Google query. Here is the screenshot of my site – Google Search

If your audience is a group of website developers or other group of information technology professionals, you should delve a little deeper in your analysis of the website. Along with the basics discussed in the previous steps, you should discuss: color schemes, alignment and visual organization; marketing capabilities and branding; functions of widgets, forms and html; browser capability and resolution, Loading speed, Flash or Jquery etc etc..


Paid review had been a long debated topic for the years. Though throughout this article i was trying to teach you how to write a great paid review, Still i strongly believe that a blogger must try to explore all means of monetization without cheating his/her loyal readers.

10 Best Adsense revenue sharing sites to write your Guest Post

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Does figures like this do not excite you? You are writing great contents on your blog and still your Google Adsense account show only some pennies?

So how writers generates such a figures writing only few articles? Answer is they publish their guest post on Adsense revenue sharing sites, Increase their website traffic and adsense.

Squidoo and HubPages are some of the most popular Google Adsense revenue sharing website even then we have not included in this list the most popular options for the obvious reasons, Your probable group of blogger does not visit these sites on regular basis to update themselves.

Must read :

10 Guest Post Component to flourish or Perish your Blog
Here I am not going to discuss the advantage or disadvantage of Guest post or what makes a great guest post.

The first and the foremost choice of a blog or website is –higher visibility on the search engine. As a reader we can only gauge it using their page rank and Alexa rank.

These sites does not accept porn or sex or any other content unsupported by the Google Adsense policies.

In this list, I have included only the best and most suitable Google AdSense sharing site, though there are a lots of site, but due to poor quality or low ranking I have not included them in this list.

This list contains only the best adsense revenue sharing website which pay for your write-up, that I have not included in this list. These will enhance your AdSense earnings as well as BackLink and traffic to your site/blog.


infobarrel.comThis is on of the best Adsense revenue sharing website available on the internet.They accept article on auto, Business, Money, Entertainment,Environment, Health, History, Home & Garden, Life style, Sports, Technology , Travel and places.

Revenue Sharing Model : 75%

Page Rank : 4

Alexa Rank : 5301

2. :

Shout me loud

Shoutmeloud is better known for the timely updates on blogging, SEO , Make Money Online , Social Media and SEO hacks and tricks, Besides this Harsh Agarwal also sharing his in-depth understanding on wordpress, link and traffic building ideas.

Revenue Sharing Percentage : 100%

Page Rank : 4

Alexa Rank : 4980


she told me This is basically a social bookmarking site like digg where user share their stories with the same like minded people, Besides this they can also earn some extra money. On this site if you do not have Adsense account still you can promote your website and generate some extra traffic to your website.

They work more or less like networked blogger where each and every participating blogger must have to put their link on his/her website. They are very particular in this case, if you are not able to put, due to any reason they disable your account immediately.

Revenue Sharing Percentage : 100%

Page Rank : 5

Alexa Rank : 24800


Devil’s workshop Devils workshop is a part of the networked blog run by rtcamp and one of the oldest site to implement this revenue sharing model for their guest writer.

All you have to do is – You have to register yourself on their website which redirect you on rtcamp website. On their Guest Posting page other details are also given.

Revenue Sharing Model : 100%

Page Rank : 3

Alexa Rank : 21574


CallingAllGeeks.comThis is another website by Harsh Agarwal of but here in this website he shared all the information related to Gadgets, iphone, iphone apps and reveiw and related topic rest of them he discuss on shoutmeloud. So if you have any such exclusive information or write up then you can generate some handsome amount from this beautiful website.

Revenue Sharing Model : 100%

Page Rank : 3

Alexa Rank : 42776

6. :

Google Adsense Revenue Sharing is run by Simrandeep Singh-Editor-in-chief of TricksDaddy and a blogger from Chandigarh (India). He loves to write about WordPress, Freewares, Mobile Phones and Blogging Tips.

Revenue Sharing Model : 100%

Page Rank : 3

Alexa Rank : 42776

7. :

This is one of the most original adsense revenue sharing website available on the internet. The unique feature of this website is they do not pay you from, You automatically earn from their site. Since they directly place your ads with your Google Adsense code inside their article.

Their revenue sharing is little bit less but 60% your ad will occupy their website space only 40% they will display their own ads.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Model : 60%

Page Rank : 4

Alexa Rank : 27945


Google Adsense revenue Sharing siteTitle speaks in this case a lot, They publish almost every thing you can think off that Google Adsense allow. It may be recipes, Gardening, Hobbies or a writer may be interesting to write on. Just not publish any where publish on this highly visible site and at the same time earn money.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Model : 70%

Page Rank : 3

Alexa Rank : 69012


100% Adsene revenue sharing SiteBilal Ahmad is the owner of Tech, where he shares unique, quality and informative information with the world. Tech Maish provide tips related to blogging,social media and technology.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Model : 100%

Page Rank : 4

Alexa Rank : 16083


Last but not the least, we have also decided to share Google Adsense revenue with our Guest writer for other details you can see our guest writing guidelines.

Your Turn on revenue Sharing Guest Post sites

These are some of the best site I have seen on the internet, even pradeep kumar of hellbound blogger has written a similar post back in 2009. Some sites listed in that has already been gone or stale, thus not included in this list.

So do you still want to write for those sites who just eat your well research article to give you only backlink and traffic ? do not hesitate to voice your feelings.

Easiest Method to find out profitable Niche sites

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You tube is full with video on” How to find out profitable Niche” and perhaps they are also shown you some sort of results using some keywords research tools like “Micro Niche finder tool” or “Market Samurai”.

Though both of them are great but how will you know that video they have shared on You tube are not outdated and stale.

You don’t have any method. except your own intuition. Am i right ?

Relax there are method to help you a lot in this case, allow me to explain each one of them.

First – Free method to Find out profitable Niche

Though this method does not reveal all the niche run by the same adsense id. Still a very Good Free tool to find out Niche run by your favorite problogger.

Just Look at the source code of that website/blog and find out the Google Adsense Publisher ID that is Just like pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx . Copy this code and paste in the search bar of and that’s it.

Second – Using Whorush

Some times back i have written an Article on “Easiest Method to find out High PR do-follow commentLuv Enabled blogs and forums” in which i have mentioned a firefox plug-in ” SEOQuake”

Now its time to see the magic of this plugin once more. Enable the same plugin on your browser and visit some well known blogger’s blog/site which you think also runs some niche sites like Lisa ray of

Learn How to Create an Awesome Website and Make Money Online Today

Now from the above screenshot, You can clearly see that Lisa runs 30 sites with the same Google Adsense ID and make some very handsome amount. ( According to her more than $6000 from only adsense)

Do you think she will tell you directly the name of her niche. Don’t fool yourself, No not at all and even do not dare to ask.

So where is the solution ?

You have the solution in your hand !!!!!!!!!!!! Yes click on the same 30 sites by this adsense ID and it will send you on another website maintained by none other then semrush, it is whorush.


Now using the adsense ID of the author i am able to find out all the niche she is running right now.

Wait wait wait ???????????? Where is the domain names.

Give me one more minute ……browse the same window at the bottom there are two buttons

access whorush pagesHere you have two option and both are paid. if you think your mentor runs some very profitable niche sites which can also help you to earn some handsome money. Do not hesitate to invest this small amount to reap some real gain.

Your Turn on easiest method to find niche

In out test case i copied the adsense code of Lisa of 2createawebsite and tried the same code on and the site was fair enough to show 18 sites on the other hand whorush was able to show all the 30 sites run by the problogger.

The results of is limited but they are accurate and in some cases if all that domains are taken from the same source then it is equally useful as their counterpart paid version.

Do not hesitate to share your view on this easiest method to find out profitable niche.

3 Things to Do After Losing Your Search Engine Ranking

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Alexa Rank factors

Search engine rankings can help your business gain traffic to your website or blog, where you can convert ordinary searchers into buyers. The type of commitment search engine visitors pay to your blog, especially when it is highly ranked on a major search site like Google cannot compare to what you’ll get from other traffic sources. This has made the term “SEO” or “search engine optimization” so popular among webmasters.

SEO is so popular that internet marketers are beginning to game the ranking process, thereby pushing unworthy contents or low quality websites to rank higher than sites that would otherwise have naturally been in that position. But with this, comes stringent inspections from major search sites like Google in a bid to curb the offending sites. However, we can’t certify that non-offending sites are not being penalized.

Your blog or company website might have been unjustly penalized for one reason or the other, and that have subsequently caused you to lose your rankings on search engine result pages. This post will be outlining some things you should do in order to recover your search engine rankings.

Revisit and Edit Your Old Article to Conform with Latest Information

You will lose your sites’ rankings gradually if the contents posted on it are of mediocre value and have spelling errors in them. Google’s ranking algorithm bots now read the content on your site like humans and they pay more attention to the things that will make reading and understanding the content of your site easy for readers. If your blog now, due to some errors, lack the good feel an article that is worth reading should have, your will not get ranked well on Google.

To get back your rankings, you should visit those old articles on your site and make sure you edit the wrong spellings and grammar errors that are in them. And if possible, you should update them to reflect the latest changes on whatever topic you treat in them.

Must read :

10 amazing methods to promote your old post
Build Backlinks for Your Site

If you are not one of the PR companies that work regularly on building backlinks to their websites, you might not quite understand the benefits of backlinks.

Gaining backlinks to your site helps you present your blog as a trusted and reputable source of information for searchers in the eyes of search engines. The higher the number of backlinks you’re able to get for your blog, the more respect and rankings you’ll gain on search engines.

But you have to be very careful about how you build backlinks to your blog because overdoing it will draw Google’s attention to your blog and you might be hit hard if any bad practice is detected.

Must read

5 must known tricks to create high quality backlinks
Remove Links Pointing Out to Bad Neighborhood

You’ll want to make sure you are not exchanging links with sites that are not supported by search engine sites. These are sites that have been banned by search engine sites and sites that promote violent materials on the internet. Any link on your blog pointing to these sites tells Google and other search engines that you are an advocate and they will de-rank your website.

Here i have listed three simple methods to remove such broken links or bad links

Broken Link Checker is one such plugin specially designed to find out broken links from your website and prompt you to correct the link wither remove/ update or edit the current link.
Akismet is well known to fight spam comments and trackback , one feature that is unknown or unexplored – it is a very good tool to check the current status of the site from where someone posted comment on your site. It can show the screenshot of the site from your very own admin screen. Thus you can check the quality of the site instantly.
Deep Links : Deep Links like this improve alexa ranking.html as a signature of Guest writer and comment posters can damage your ranking very hard. So,define your comment policy and Guest writing policy and totally discourage deep links from the signatures.

After you must have done the above, you shouldn’t expect your rankings to return automatically. It rarely happens that way. You’ll have to get Google or any search engine site you think you lost your rankings on to reconsider putting you in the position you were before, and make sure to point out the changes you’ve made to your blog after you lost your rankings.

10 Free Responsive wordpress Themes 2012

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The phrase “Responsive Web Design” isn’t even two years old, but it’s hard to read web design articles these days without hearing it mentioned.

What is it and how does it impact WordPress? Responsive design means that your theme is flexible enough to look good on any device. There is no need to create a separate theme or even a separate subdomain or site. One theme can look good on a large desktop, your tablet and your mobile phone.

In this blog post we’ll show you a selection of 10 great free responsive wordpress themes to wet your appetite.

To really test these themes, you’ll need to view them using several different browser sizes. Try one of these two websites for easy testing:
Responsive Twenty Ten

Free Responsive wordpress theme

Responsive Twenty Ten is the default WordPress theme with an added responsive twist. It is a child theme of the default Twenty Twelve theme with lots of great features like flexible images. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.

Ari – Free Responsive wordpress Theme

Free responsive wordpress theme

Ari is a minimalistic, flexible three-column blog theme. The theme uses CSS3 media queries for its responsive layout and is therefore optimized for tablet PCs and smart phones. The theme switches to a two-column layout when viewed on a horizontal iPad screen, and to a one-column layout on iPhones. You can also choose a dark color scheme. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.

Yoko- Original Free wordpress Theme

Free responsive wordpress themes

Yoko is a modern and flexible WordPress theme. With the responsive layout based on CSS3 media queries, the theme adjusts to different screen sizes. The design is optimized for big desktop screens, tablets and small smartphone screens. To make your blog more individual, you can use the new post formats (like gallery, aside or quote), choose your own logo and header image, customize the background and link color. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.


Free Responsive wordpress theme Bonpress

BonPress is a personal blog theme that is packed with Post Formats (audio, video) features and multiple Custom Widgets. The layout of this theme automatically adapts to fit on any screen resolution on desktop and mobile devices. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.



iTheme2 is the perfect theme for technology and Mac related blogs. It uses media queries to target different displays such as desktop, notebook, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices (no plugin is necessary). Click here to see a demo and click here to download.


Flexible wordpress theme

Flexible, with its Facebook-like style, uses responsive and fluid standards to rearrange its layout to display your content according to different screen sizes. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.


Constellation free responsive wordpress theme

The Constellation theme is another one that acts as a starting point. It gives you the flexibility to provide bespoke styles for different devices by using media queries for several devices / screen resolutions, totally up-to-date HTML5 code and a flexible grid system on top of all the other goodness bundled in to the HTML5 Boilerplate. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.


meerkate free responsive wordpress theme

The Meerkats Theme is built to respond to different platforms and devices. It is a simple and basic WordPress theme built by Gregor McKelvie. There’s no need to click on demo or preview as what you are looking at is the Meerkats Theme. Click here to see a demo and click here to download.

320 and up

320 and up

The 320 and up project page explains it like this “Inspired by Using Media Queries in the Real World by Peter Gasston, ‘320 and Up’ is a device agnostic, one web boilerplate.” 320 and up was developed by Andy Clarke, and is a great starting point for building websites that utilize the latest technologies in modern web browsers. It can be used as is, or as an extension of the HTML5 Boilerplate. Recently updated to include the Thematics default them.

Click here to see a demo and click here to download.

Super Skeleton

Super Skeleton

As the name implies, SuperSkeleton isn’t heavily designed. It’s released as as several basic themes and comes with a PSDs, skins, fontstacks and more to you allow to build on top of their work.

Click here to see a demo and click here to download.

35 Most common SEO Mistakes – Most Blogger Forget in WordPress

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There are so many WordPress SEO tutorials out there we don’t need another one. Some of them are very good, I don’t doubt that. They cover most of the blog & WordPress SEO basics like proper URLs e.g. We have also numerous best WordPress SEO plugins lists out there. My personally prefer Keyword winner.

You may use one, two or three of these plugins but not more. The true SEO for blogs is more advanced. On the other hand you don’t need some advanced technical skill-set to master it.

Most Common SEO Mistakes – Know to Avoid them

Much of blog SEO is directly related to

keyword choice
content prioritization (siloing)
community creation
You may cover the SEO basics or use the “best SEO plugins” but still write content nobody will ever find. So what’s the deal? How do you really take care of your blog & WordPress SEO? I’ve seen countless WordPress SEO tutorials but most don’t cover any of the following 30 points most bloggers overlook:

Tip #1 : Strategic Ranking

Google loves blogs and fresh content. Blogs offer everything Google needs so it rewards blogs and publishing new posts frequently. On the other hand you will notice that your blog ranks often in random ways unless you decide what blog posts and what keywords and phrases you want to rank for. With the several blogs I write for I often notice this kind of behavior. You have to prioritize and decide yourself which posts you wan to rank.

Tip#2 : Outdated posts may rank forever

So you have to return to those posts and update them for better SEO results. You may also redirect your old posts to new URLs but I prefer the update.

Tip#3 : New posts often rank far worse than old posts.

Thus you have to update the old posts sometimes instead of writing new ones on the same topic.

Tip#4: More keyword posts don’t automatically mean better rankings for those keywords.

Adding “SEO INDIA” to each an every post doesn’t mean you will rank better for SEO INDIA. Rather focus on the best performing post about SEO INDIA on your blog.

Tip#5 : Tag pages might outrank your posts.

Adding a tag cloud to your blog is good for usability and still common. Your tag or category pages might outrank your posts though as they are always linked on homepage. Tag pages make people bounce though. So don’t link your tags and categories everywhere.

Tip#6 : Nobody finds your best posts unless you mark them as “best”.

Nobody finds your best bost unless untill you mark them as “Best” post. Usability guru Jakob Nielsen has written about it years ago. You have to add a best posts, featured posts and/or most popular posts list to your blog. We use Postrank for that purpose.

Tip#7 :You won’t rank for “x blog” unless you have “x blog” in your HTML title.

Google is still too stupid to recognize a blog by it’s set up or structure. Using WordPress doesn’t mean you will rank for your term + blog. Just search for design blog. You have to call yourself blog in the HTML title tag and the h1 headline. Doesn’t seem “advanced”? It took me more than a year to finally prove that.

Tip#8: Strategic Linking

Link building in advanced SEO is not only about getting links. It’s also about how each link is part of your overall SEO strategy. Do you aim to rank for your main keyphrase or two? Or do you seek to become a great resource first and make each post rank as high as possible to harness the long tail? This decision determines how you will link out, link your internal posts and interlink them in future.

Tip#9: People click the first link in lists.

It doesn’t matter how you structure your list, whether it starts with “a” or the best list item. People tend to click the items on top. Consider this when compiling link lists.

Tip#10: Only first anchor text counts.

This might seem counterintuitive but Google apparently only counts your first anchor text in a page when you link the same page twice. So Choose your first anchor text wisely.

Tip#11: Repetitive linking with the same anchor text is spammy.

While many SEO plugins automatically link a given page or post on your WordPress blog with a predefined keyword this is spammy. Google discounts unnatural accumulations of anchor texts like it discounts keyword stuffing elsewhere. This was the only reason, I , uninstall automatic linking plugin.

Tip#12: Broken links break your SEO and make less trustworthy.

Both users and search engines rely on trust factors like you not linking to bad neighbourhoods. Often old blog posts link to sites that do not exist anymore or worse have been overtaken by someone else and are more or less of low quality

Tip#13: You get no links without trust.

When it comes to business blogging most blogs won’t get authority links unless they become trusted resources. There are a few desperate people out there like Jason Calacanis who will attack a whole industry to get links but that doesn’t work for you. You are not a celebrity. Only people who trust you link to you.

Tip#14: You get incoming links by linking out (I don’t mean trackbacks).

Many people new to blog SEO assume that they have to hoard PageRank like they do on their static sites but only blogs that link out succeed in the long run. You get links mostly from other bloggers. How do they notice you? When you actually link out to them. Getting links with trackbacking everybody via automated plugins is spam.

Tip#15: Nofollow hampers your internal links (pings) as well.

WordPress still uses by default the so called nofollow attribute for blog comments. It was introduced to combat spam but it never did. The widely used Akismet plugin is for spam. WordPress also adds your nofollow internal links (pings) and thus hurts your site. Otherwise you can just ping your older posts by linking them in your newer post and both of them get a ranking boost.

Tip#16: Content Strategy

Content creation is not just about producing as many blog posts as possible and blog SEO is not about making these posts as keyword rich as possible. You need a content strategy and goals you want to reach. Also who re the people you want to reach with your blog posts? Think about that before you start blogging. Do you blog for branding, SEO or do you seek feedback from your readers?

Tip#17: Normal people or websites rarely link out to blogs, others bloggers do.

So you have to write for a relatively small audience of other bloggers to get links. Make sure to address other bloggers in your posts at least from time to time. Write for people, I mean people you know by name to achieve this.

Tip#18: Images rank far easier than postings.

SEO is still a niche topic. As SEO blogs are fairly well optimized also the images in them rank well. You may end up with more visitors from image search than from regular results. This works great for other more image oriented blogs as well. Descriptive image names and captions are key here. angelina-jolie-naked.jpg with “Angelina Jolie naked” as a caption will outrank 123.jpg with “look at her” as caption. Read about advanced image SEO in this presentation [PDF].

Tip#19 : Listicles bring traffic but in depth posts like Seth Godin’s bring reputation (and traffic).

As an SEOptimise reader you know we produce quite a few lists. These lists are very popular. To get a reputation and trust you need to cover topics in depth though. Some lists manage both, like I hope this one does but random shallow collections of items aka listicles don’t. Take a look at Seth Godin’s blog. He manages to do both.

Tip#20 :Embedding videos from YouTube or elsewhere is a recipe for disaster

Many US bloggers forget that the world is bigger than the USA. They will embed videos hosted on video sites to their blog posts. Sometimes the video is the only content in a post like that. Many videos can’t be displayed outside the US, even the most popular ones. Some sites like Hulu are US only. Some videos get removed for copyright reasons, other for personal reasons. So you end up with an empty player in your blog post. Use open source video players for your professional blogs.

Tip#21 : Comments and Community

Your goal with a blog is also to create a community of supporters for your blog, site as a whole and brand. Blogs and comments are the most straightforward way to do so. Comments are very tricky though. There are many pitfalls to overcome, especially when it comes to blog comments and SEO. Disabling comments is no solution though for flagship business blogs.

Tip#22 : Un-moderated comments may hurt your site’s authority.

You have to moderate comments very closely. That is: Check the name of the commenter, is it just keywords. Read the comment, check whether it’s original (or just a bit that copies the same comment from elsewhere or even from your blog comments above), click the link the commenter added. In case everything is OK then the comment should be approved. Otherwise it might make you look bad for both users and search engines.

Tip#23: Comments make your posts rank better, not only for long tail phrases.

Stale blog posts may outrank you but also may disappear altogether. When people still add comments to old blog posts Google obviously assumes that they are still of relevance. Also people add more content via comments and thus you can rank for long tail phrases and often even quite popular key-phrases just because of the comments.

Tip#24: Switched off comments make your blog a one way street.

Many bloggers consider switching off comments altogether to get rid of spam, low quality comments and to have more time for writing. While the advantages of this approach might be obvious the drawbacks are a bit more long term and fuzzy but they are there. The conversation takes place somewhere else. You lose a community or the community you once had.

Tip#25: Using third party tools like Disqus for comments makes them unmovable.

Many bloggers use third party comment management tools like Disqus make them stuck once you move your blog to another platform for instance. When the URLs change the comments can’t be ascribed correctly to their posts anymore.

Tip#26: Relying for Twitter for comments breaks them when Twitter is down.

Some bloggers do not use third party commenting tools but add Twitter authentication via OAuth. This is a good idea as long as Twitter is up. Just yesterday I couldn’t add a comment to a blog because Twitter was “over capacity”. Make sure Twitter is not the only way people can authenticate or allow comments by anonymous users as well. You can make those

Tip#27 : Most people don’t comment.

99% of visitors do not comment on your blog. So pay special attention to those that do but don’t assume everybody else shares the same opinion. Also consider adding low threshold user participation to your blog. Something like adding stars for approval.

Tip#28 :Most positive comments are spam these days.

“Thank you, great post!” This is not a comment. This is spam. Whenever I see a blog post full of such comments I know that the blogger in question doesn’t care about real comments so I don’t comment myself. I don’t want my comment to get buried below dozens of worthless bot like flattery. Also note that a comment providing no context and no relation to the actual post can be automated.

Tip#29 : You have to reply to good commenter to keep your blog community alive.

While most comments are trash you have to try to keep the commenter who are really adding value by commenting on point. These people are your most ardent fans in many cases. They are your brand evangelists who will spread the message beyond your blog. Nurture them and your blog SEO will thrive.

Tip#30: Conversions and ROI

Blogs are not meant to convert visitors to clients. Also the ROI of blogging is fuzzy. You need to make a blog work for you and your business. Just adding a blog and assuming you get more conversions or a better ROI than before doesn’t work. So make sure to find out how your blog could earn money for you. Think about ways to convert your readers to subscribers, brand evangelists or even clients that are specific to your business. Each and every blog I write for has a different way of earning money.

Top#31: The date makes people bounce.

Blogs, especially WordPress blogs still mimic diaries like back in 2001. So people will see the date of a post almost instantly in the URL or above the post itself. While hiding the date entirely is not a good idea showing it before the actual post as the most important information is a mistake. People will assume that your content is outdated when they see a date from a few months ago or last year. Business blogging is about value though, thus you won’t just blog time sensitive news. Display the date at the bottom of the post without highlighting it. Otherwise visitors just bounce.

Tip#32: Blogs do not convert unless you make them.

We know that there are basically three kinds of search queries. Navigational, informational and transactional ones. Blogs are geared towards serving the informational queries. People who get the information have no reason to stay on your blog and buy, subscribe etc. You have to blog for conversions to get them. This starts with choosing different keywords and placing a call to action at the bottom of your post.

Tip#33: Blogging doesn’t pay when it’s a shop window with no products.

The term business blogging suggests that blogging itself is the business. In most cases it is not. blogging only supports your real business. It’s like s shop window for showing off your expertise. In case there is nothing to buy though, no products you won’t sell anything.

Tip#34: You can perform A/B split tests with WordPress.

A/B split testing or multivariate testing is very en vogue these days even beyond the SEO industry. It is for good reason. You can optimize for the traffic you already have instead of trying to get even more of it. A/B split testing works in WordPress as well and can increase your conversion rates significantly.

Tip#35: You have to segment your blog traffic to achieve the best results.

When you study your analytics often enough you will notice that your visitors are often completely different. You have probably very determined search users, very casual social media users, and very devoted returning visitors if your blog works well. To achieve the best results and convert these visitors you have to segment them. It means you need to offer different things to different people. Example: Show targeted CPC ads to search visitors. Show CPM ads to social media visitors. Don’t show ads to regular visitors or special offers instead.

Don’t overlook these 35 points like other bloggers do. You might outrank them by focusing on them.