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How to write meta tag titles

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For SEO title tag is quite important. It is always a torouple also to find an apropriate title tag that looks good for Search Engine as well as for the customer who sees the title tag in the search results and is prompted to click.

We all know that idealy your title should be 50-60 characters long.

and a title should contain a keyword or a phrase with a keyword. Some people say that the name of the company should come last and your main keyword should come first.

The way I write my titles are as follows:

Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Company Name

However I have seen allot of titles that are longer than 60 characters and contain a bunch of keywords.

My question is, is it better to have titles of 50-60 characters or would it be more beneficial to have longer titles with more keywords?

If you had a longer title than 60 characters with a bunch of keywords stuffed in would it improve your rankings or help you rank for more phrases?

The only benefit of sticking to the 50-60 character standard that I see is that it is easier to read and looks nicer in search results.