10 Best Adsense revenue sharing sites to write your Guest Post

Does figures like this do not excite you? You are writing great contents on your blog and still your Google Adsense account show only some pennies?

So how writers generates such a figures writing only few articles? Answer is they publish their guest post on Adsense revenue sharing sites, Increase their website traffic and adsense.

Squidoo and HubPages are some of the most popular Google Adsense revenue sharing website even then we have not included in this list the most popular options for the obvious reasons, Your probable group of blogger does not visit these sites on regular basis to update themselves.

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Here I am not going to discuss the advantage or disadvantage of Guest post or what makes a great guest post.

The first and the foremost choice of a blog or website is –higher visibility on the search engine. As a reader we can only gauge it using their page rank and Alexa rank.

These sites does not accept porn or sex or any other content unsupported by the Google Adsense policies.

In this list, I have included only the best and most suitable Google AdSense sharing site, though there are a lots of site, but due to poor quality or low ranking I have not included them in this list.

This list contains only the best adsense revenue sharing website which pay for your write-up, that I have not included in this list. These will enhance your AdSense earnings as well as BackLink and traffic to your site/blog.

1. www.infobarrel.com

infobarrel.comThis is on of the best Adsense revenue sharing website available on the internet.They accept article on auto, Business, Money, Entertainment,Environment, Health, History, Home & Garden, Life style, Sports, Technology , Travel and places.

Revenue Sharing Model : 75%

Page Rank : 4

Alexa Rank : 5301

2. www.shoutmeloud.com :

Shout me loud

Shoutmeloud is better known for the timely updates on blogging, SEO , Make Money Online , Social Media and SEO hacks and tricks, Besides this Harsh Agarwal also sharing his in-depth understanding on wordpress, link and traffic building ideas.

Revenue Sharing Percentage : 100%

Page Rank : 4

Alexa Rank : 4980

3. www.shetoldme.com

she told me This is basically a social bookmarking site like digg where user share their stories with the same like minded people, Besides this they can also earn some extra money. On this site if you do not have Adsense account still you can promote your website and generate some extra traffic to your website.

They work more or less like networked blogger where each and every participating blogger must have to put their link on his/her website. They are very particular in this case, if you are not able to put, due to any reason they disable your account immediately.

Revenue Sharing Percentage : 100%

Page Rank : 5

Alexa Rank : 24800

4. www.devilsworkshop.com

Devil’s workshop Devils workshop is a part of the networked blog run by rtcamp and one of the oldest site to implement this revenue sharing model for their guest writer.

All you have to do is – You have to register yourself on their website which redirect you on rtcamp website. On their Guest Posting page other details are also given.

Revenue Sharing Model : 100%

Page Rank : 3

Alexa Rank : 21574

5. www.CallingAllGeek.com

CallingAllGeeks.comThis is another website by Harsh Agarwal of shoutmeloud.com but here in this website he shared all the information related to Gadgets, iphone, iphone apps and reveiw and related topic rest of them he discuss on shoutmeloud. So if you have any such exclusive information or write up then you can generate some handsome amount from this beautiful website.

Revenue Sharing Model : 100%

Page Rank : 3

Alexa Rank : 42776

6. www.tricksdaddy.com :

Google Adsense Revenue Sharing siteTricksdaddy.com is run by Simrandeep Singh-Editor-in-chief of TricksDaddy and a blogger from Chandigarh (India). He loves to write about WordPress, Freewares, Mobile Phones and Blogging Tips.

Revenue Sharing Model : 100%

Page Rank : 3

Alexa Rank : 42776

7. www.xomba.com :

This is one of the most original adsense revenue sharing website available on the internet. The unique feature of this website is they do not pay you from, You automatically earn from their site. Since they directly place your ads with your Google Adsense code inside their article.

Their revenue sharing is little bit less but 60% your ad will occupy their website space only 40% they will display their own ads.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Model : 60%

Page Rank : 4

Alexa Rank : 27945

8. www.seekyt.com

Google Adsense revenue Sharing siteTitle speaks in this case a lot, They publish almost every thing you can think off that Google Adsense allow. It may be recipes, Gardening, Hobbies or a writer may be interesting to write on. Just not publish any where publish on this highly visible site and at the same time earn money.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Model : 70%

Page Rank : 3

Alexa Rank : 69012

9. www.techmaish.com

100% Adsene revenue sharing SiteBilal Ahmad is the owner of Tech Maish.com, where he shares unique, quality and informative information with the world. Tech Maish provide tips related to blogging,social media and technology.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Model : 100%

Page Rank : 4

Alexa Rank : 16083

10. www.rsatechnologies.in

Last but not the least, we have also decided to share Google Adsense revenue with our Guest writer for other details you can see our guest writing guidelines.

Your Turn on revenue Sharing Guest Post sites

These are some of the best site I have seen on the internet, even pradeep kumar of hellbound blogger has written a similar post back in 2009. Some sites listed in that has already been gone or stale, thus not included in this list.

So do you still want to write for those sites who just eat your well research article to give you only backlink and traffic ? do not hesitate to voice your feelings.